Help you build a food delivery app like Uber Eats in 3 months

Customer App Features

GPS and real-time updating allow customers to track a delivery man once the order is picked from the restaurant.
Customers get SMS or push notifications about their order status.
Order Tracking
Allow users to alter the chosen items. After the foodstuff is selected, the app automatically calculates the final bill.
Order Checkout
Let your users read and share their experience with a restaurant by a five-star rating or detailed review.
Order Placing
Ratings and Reviews
Choosing a restaurant, foodstuff and make regular or customized orders.
Food Categories, Search
Оffer a detailed look of everything available in the menu of the selected restaurant along with a search bar using keywords.
Provide your customers with multiple options to make a payment.
Payment Methods
Let your customers quickly create an account to order foods, providing them with hassle-free and multi-option registration.
Sign up/Log in

Restaurant App Features

Restaurants can sign up, add photos and make profile updates.
Menu Management
Order Management
Adding menu, or removing items from it.
Seeing all the orders details to accept/reject orders placed by customers.
Track Delivery Man
Restaurants can also track a delivery man to check the order delivery status.
Manage Earnings
Restaurants get access to track and manage their earnings.
Reviews panel
Restaurants can manage reviews by customers and leave comments.

Delivery App Features

Register/Log in
Delivery drivers can register their profile and manage account and payment info.
Delivery boy receives order details and customer destination to accept/reject orders.
Order Management
Delivery drivers can set their available time and location to accept orders.
Orders Status Tracking
Delivery boys provide customers with real-time updates as to driver's current location.
In-App Navigation
Delivery boys can easily reach their destination with the help of the GPS, location and navigation services.
Delivery men can keep track of their orders and earnings, viewing daily revenue report.

Admin Panel Features

App owners can easily register and log in personal accounts.
Advanced Analytics
Admin can track activities like numbers of orders and the most popular location or time.
Restaurant Management
Admin can add/remove restaurants and delivery drivers.
Payment Management
Admin can manage payments and set commissions received from each order.
Manage Categories & Menu
Deliveries View
Admin can add new category and menu, or delete existing ones.
Admin can know about delivery status of orders and their history.
Manage Reviews
Inform customers and restaurants about special offers and other important things.
Manage reviews from customers and resolve possible disputes with restaurants.
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Sign up/Log in
App owners can easily register and log in personal accounts.

How much and how long

There are multiple factors affecting the total cost of development of an app like Uber Eats. App complexity and size, additional features, mobile platforms the app to run on, and location where your project is being handled affect the cost significantly.

Typically, the app development requires the following stages:
Discovery stage
We conduct business analysis to validate ideas and prepare technical documentation and precise scope of work.
We make prototyping, visual design and usability testing for all parts of the app to make best user experiences.
UX/UI design
Our development teams follow Agile and reach synergy making the parts of the app working together.
Front-end & Back-end Development
We make manual and automated QA testing to eliminate bugs, ensure product quality and reliability.
MVP testing & bug fixing
Total Development Time, avg.
Save up to 50%
You can dramatically cut development costs and save high-quality, simply by choosing the appropriate location of your outsourcing development company. For instance:
Eastern Europe based developers charge: $25 to $49 per hour
U.S. based developers charge: $70 to $150 per hour, so the the same app would cost x3 times more.
Total Cost

What team structure is required

Android/iOS Developers
Backend Developers

Technology Stack

React Native
Amazon EC2
Google Map API

How it works: 4 easy steps

Send us a request for a free consultation.
We agree upon required features, time, and price.
We design and develop an app like Uber Eats, run tests and fix bugs.
You get your fully functional UberEats clone app. It's time to monetize it!

Why Arateg

Get your minimum viable product built in 3 months only!
Save up to 50% budget
Start in 10 days
Cut development costs and focus on your core business. We'll take care of the technology.
Get your development team ramped up in 10 days to build you app that users will love.
Minimum risks
Business analysis and risks evaluation to have a clear project vision.
We collect customer's feedback to make changes on the fly and deliver new functionality every 2-4 weeks.
Regular reports, demo presentations, daily/weekly calls and an access to our internal information system AraIs.
MVP in 3 months

What our clients say

Let our clients do all the talking. Hear from some of our satisfied clients from across the globe.
Chief Marketing Officer, Zorka.Mobi
Dmitry Chudovsky
Zorka.Mobi has been working with the Arateg team for over three years. During our cooperation, Arateg has developed several web applications, and we were impressed by their client-centric approach and willingness to analyze how our business works.

The level of services they have provided is at a very high standard. We are excited to have Arateg partner with us, and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Why trust us

Find us in the internationally acclaimed TOP award lists based on previous performance, industry data, reliability, and other factors.


1. How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber Eats?
It depends on different factors such as size, type and app functionality, the location of a developer and customers, etc. Оn average, an app like Uber Eats would cost around $75,000 to $100,000.
    2. How long does it take to develop an app like Uber Eats?
    The required development time mainly depends on the chosen functionality. We can make an MVP for you to test basic features within around 3-4 months. If you want to add more advanced features, the time may be increased in connection to it.
      3. I'm not a tech-savvy person but I want to develop an app for my business. How can you help me?
      No worries. Our team will assume all the necessary stages from in-depth analysis, great UX/UI design, and tech side. You'll get a fully functional app based on your business requirements.
        4. Do I need to create separate apps for end users, restaurant owners, delivery drivers?
        We can build separate apps for these issues, or combine features in a single app. So that users should select their purpose once logging/signing in.
          5. Can users, delivery boys, and restaurants have an in-app chat or other special features?
          Yes, we can add this advanced feauture if required.
            6. How can I control the development process and make sure everything is going ok?
            Our team follows Agile, so we deliver new functionality every spint (2-4 weeks) and collect feedback from customers to make changes on the fly. Also, we hold daily and weekly audio and video meetings with the team and customers, so that every side knows the project stage.

            In addition, we provide regular reports using Jira and our own internal information system AraIS to ensure workflow transparency.
              7. Do you have your own team of software developers?
              Yes, we have a strong team of experienced developers with 3-5 years of working in custom web app development, iOS and Android, and cross-platform app development.
                8. How can I cut costs but save quality in my Uber Eats like app development?
                Choose a proper IT outsourcing partner and its location. For instance, you can easily reduce costs simply by partnering with a developer from Eastern Europe, where engineers' hourly rates vary between 25-50$, and in the USA they are between 70$-150$.

                It's noteworthy, that you can not only save up to 50% of your budget but get the same high quality or even higher. Belarus is a great example here, providing high expertise in software development.
                  Start buliding your Uber Eats like app in 10 days
                  Leave your comments below and get an estimation of your own Uber Eats like application.
                  Start buliding your Uber Eats like app in 10 days
                  Leave your comments below and get an estimation of your own Uber Eats like application.